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About Christian Surveillance Abuse Survivors

The Christian Surveillance Abuse Survivor generally has a double dosage of trials compared to what the average person receives today.  On a daily basis, he/she is climbing the uphill battle of being placed in a government surveillance program that slanders, isolates, poisons, mutilates, incarcerates/institutionalizes, and eventually kills the target.  Every day the Christian surveillance abuse survivor must fully put on the armor of God, and keep in constant remembrance of the Bible promises of God, and keep in constant touch with supporting friends and family, the few that one may have once the target is slandered, and then ostracized. 

Who We Are

The Surveillance Abuse Survivors Network (SASN, or SASN Network) is the International Christian Support group for Surveillance Abuse Survivors. Our organization focuses on religious support to the persons who by no choice of their own are placed in the 21st Century Zerzetsung by the globalists.

Our objective is provide those who are surveillance abuse survivors (also known as targeted individuals or TIs) the support they need in order to endure their shattered lives.

On Wednesday nights, we offer a Christian prayer line for Christian Surveillance Abuse Survivors can get together and fellowship with like survivors.  Our call in information is below:

Tel: (605) 562-0444
PIN: 5291816#
Time: 8:00 PM EST - 9:30 PM

Our Mission Statement:

Joshua had received the promise that God would surely overthrow these enemies of Israel, yet he put forth as earnest effort as though success depended upon the armies of Israel alone. He did all that human energy could do, and then he cried in faith for divine aid. The secret of success is the union of divine power with human effort. Those who achieve the greatest results are those who rely most implicitly upon the Almighty Arm. The man who commanded, “Sun, stand thou still upon Gibeon; and thou, Moon, in the valley of Ajalon,” is the man who for hours lay prostrate upon the earth in prayer in the camp of Gilgal. The men of prayer are the men of power.

 - Patriarchs & Prophets - Ellen G. White p. 509

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