Combating Weaponized Surveillance Abuse

We have a list of things to help you on an everyday basis to combat weaponized surveillance abuse (which involves street theater, and slander campaign).


SASN recommends to everyone to have at least two different cell phones on different networks, and those with law enforcement harassment, three.  A phone with at least a 12 megapixel camera would be the bear minimum.  Most mid-range phones ($200 – $600) will have a decent camera.  We recommend that Surveillance Abuse Survivors get involved in an MLM program, in which with at least one of their lines, they can get 5 or more people under them, and get free service.

Recommended Mid-Tier Phones:

Motorola G Series Unlocked Phones

OnePlus Unlocked Phones

Samsung A Series Mid Tier Phones

Audio / Video Recording Devices

Audio Recording Devices

Dash Cams

Video Recording Sunglasses (Also check here)


Safe / Physical Storage Box

This should be obvious why; anything special you wish to keep under lockdown can be placed here. 

Micro SD Cards

Micro SD Cards are good for the saving of your photo and video evidence; however you need to buy multiple cards, and the larger the storage, the better.  For about $20 – $25, you can now get a solid 128GB card, and a 256 GB card would cost you less than $40.

USB External Hard Drives

You will need to copy your files from Micro SD cards to a USB External Hard Drive or Online Account.  The best means for copying your evidence to your external drive is copying via computer/laptop; however, there are now USB External Hard Drives that will allow you to place your SD card inside of it and copy the contents very quickly.  Alternatively, now there are wireless drives that can copy the contents of your SD card directly from the device it is in to your hard drive via Bluetooth.

To copy from SD Card to current models of iPad, you will need to purchase a USB-C to SD Card Reader (will cost between $30 – $40).   

Flash Drives

Online Storage Accounts

Online Storage Accounts is the best way to ensure you will have a backup of all of your evidence.  There is a trade off here because of the data being on cyberspace, but with online accounts being around 1TB or more, you will have adequate space for you just in case you run out of space on your physical media, or if any of them becomes defective.  The best ones are Office 365/One Drive, Google One, iCloud, and FileFactory.