Spread the Word About Organized Gangstalking & Electronic Harassment

In an effort to spread awareness to non-TIs about Organized Gangstalking (OGS) and Electronic Harassment (EH), we are asking everyone to send a link in your favorite social networks along with the hastag (#) “#Organized Gangstalking”, “#TargetedIndividuals”, and “#ElectronicHarassment”.  Also on Thursdays, which we will now call “#TargetedThursdays”, we ask that everyone will send a link or picture of a definition of just one aspect of the organized gangstalking or electronic harassment.

Examples of what is expected is below:

On Mondays:

On Tuesdays:

#TargetedIndividuals with the link to Bigger Than Snowden:

On Wednesdays:

On Thursdays:

One of these can be sent every Thursday with the hastag “#Targeted Thursdays”


Send out these links several times a day, and encourage your TI friends to do the same thing.

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