Spread the Word About Organized Gangstalking & Electronic Harassment

In an effort to spread awareness to the general public about Surveillance Abuse, and Weaponized Directed Energy Attacks, we are asking everyone to send a link in your favorite social networks along with the hastags (#) “, “#SurveillanceAbuseSurvivors”, “#TargetedIndividuals”, and “#ElectronicHarassment”.  Also on Thursdays, which we will now call “#TargetedThursdays”, we ask that everyone will send a link or picture of a definition of just one aspect of the surveillance abuse/organized gangstalking or weaponized directed energy attacks.

Examples of what is expected is below:

On Mondays:

On Tuesdays:

#TargetedIndividuals with the link to Bigger Than Snowden:

On Wednesdays:

On Thursdays:

One of these can be sent every Thursday with the hastag “#Targeted Thursdays”


Send out these links several times a day, and encourage your Surveillance Abuse Survivor friends to do the same thing.

ALso, If You See Corruption going on around you, take action, film what is going on, get the details, and report to the RTASA: Real Time Accounts of Surveillance Abuse: If You See Corruption! Say Corruption!

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