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Launch of the Global Targeted Individual Survey, 2017

Respected activists and leaders in the “Targeted Individual Community”, Cait Ryan and Karla Smith, launch the long-awaited “Global Targeted Individual Survey”, alongside NSA whistleblowers Bill Binney and Kirk Weibe, who are acting as survey advisors and analysts. This video provides detailed information on: the goals and design of the survey; instructions for participating in the survey; and privacy assurances for all survey participants.

Global TI Survey Instructions (in written form):

All individuals who believe they have received electronic harassment, criminal electromagnetic assaults, electromagnetic torture, radiation effects, non-consensual experimentation/testing with directed-energy weapons, or other “unwanted electronic intrusions” from sophisticated or improvised directed-energy devices (be they radio frequency devices, other radiation devices, or sonic devices) are encouraged to take this survey. All victims of these new, high-tech abuses around the globe are strongly encouraged to participate in this landmark survey.

To join the survey, you must request a link to the online survey and a code that will ensure that all your entries are kept confidential, in perpetuity. To receive the link and your personal code, send your name, address (including postal code and country), and telephone number to

Your personal/identifying information will be kept strictly confidential. It will be stored offline in a secure location, and it will never be linked or otherwise associated with your survey responses. The system for keeping this information secure and confidential has been developed by the most trusted members of the “Targeted Individual Community”. The confidentiality and safety of survey participants are the highest priorities.

Names and contact information of survey participants are needed at the outset for the following reasons: (1) to support the validity of the survey results; (2) to be able to contact survey participants if more information is needed on responses of particular interest; and (3) to be able to potentially screen out participants who are not genuine victims of directed-energy weapon assaults. Once again, however, an un-hackable firewall will be kept (forever) between your personal information and your survey responses.

Shortly after sending your name, address (including postal code and country), and telephone number to, you’ll receive an email with a link to the survey, your personal code for taking the survey, and further instructions for completing and submitting the survey.

The survey closes on October 18, 2017.

If you have any questions about the survey, you may direct them to Ella Free at

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