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Targeted Individual Conference 2017: Ella Free & Terry Brewer Talk about Grass-Roots Activism

Invited video presentation by Ella Free and Terry Brewer, shown at the 2017 First Annual Unity and Hope Conference. In this video, Ella speaks about how important it is to expand, on all levels, the emerging grass-roots activism aimed at exposing the crimes of organized stalking and electronic harassment (OS/EH). Then, video clips are shown of Terry’s incredibly successful campaign of pounding the pavement around Portland, Oregon, speaking to the general public about these crimes, and handing out flyers on OS/EH. The two inspiring activists maintain informative web sites on these serious issues, which can be found at the following addresses:

Freedom for Targeted Individuals (Ella Free)

Stop Gangstalking Crimes (Terry Brewer)

Have you been harmed and violated by these crimes? Perhaps you’re a current victim. Either way, you’re encouraged to join the growing community of activists and contribute to exposing these atrocities, so they can be stopped and others won’t be harmed as you have been. Please contact Ella and Terry to figure out one of the many ways in which you can contribute your talents and time to exposing these atrocities (however small your contribution needs to be). The T.I. Community especially needs people to join Terry’s educational flyer campaign in their local communities, so that this work can spread from Portland to other parts of the country. Terry can give you all the pointers and flyer templates you need to undertake this critical form of activism. Engaging with the general public is safe, easy, and empowering. Most people who do this kind of activism find that their organized stalking actually diminishes the more they engage with their local community. Follow Ella’s and Terry’s commendable examples, and join the fight against these crimes!

The First Annual Unity and Hope Conference was organized for targeted individuals and those concerned about the growing crimes of OS & EH. The conference was held from October 20-22 at the Mass Audubon Blue Hills Trailside Museum: 1904 Canton Ave., Milton, MA 02186, USA.

Event Description from the Conference Web Site:

“Our goal is to bring together as many support groups, media shows, activism groups, and organizations of targeted individuals, so we can work together and learn from each other and strategize on solutions to bring about change and end the suffering of hundreds of thousands of victims nationwide. The number of people experiencing electronic harassment and gang-stalking is growing exponentially daily. People Against Covert Torture and Surveillance (PACTS) estimates there are currently 300,000 people being victimized by electromagnetic weapons and neuroweapons, often in combination with implants and covertly administered nanotechnology.

Our hope is to come together, to build, empower, and educate the community on technology, resources, and support, and as a unified front attempt to educate the public. As a result of this conference, we will be able to strategically fight for freedom and justice for the victims of targeted crimes. The goal of this conference is to unify all the groups worldwide and provide a knowledge and understanding of the program and the technology.


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