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Talking with Ella Felder on Friday I see this:

12.8.17 14:29:20
Golf cart perp approaches Raleigh Road from Stubridge Road soon after talking with Ella Felder. Saw her earlier coming from the east on Raleigh Road as I was doing chores outside earlier.

12.8.2017 14:44:46  As I am continuing the conversation, the stingray that was flying above my house before reappears, now flying over Raleigh Road east of me (left, as I was facing south), to make sure I see its presence.

12.8.2017 14:45:52 (1 min, 6 seconds after stinger), Brevard Fire Battalion just happens to be heading eastbound on Raleigh Road.

12.8.2017 14:47:58 PM Next a convoy of school bus vehicles.


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