The Shot Heard Around The TI World: Gen. Hayden Exposed at UNF Event at Jacksonville

Brian S. Marks
The T.I. Chronicles
March 1, 2018 (Updated: February 28, 2019)

On 2.27.18 seven heroic people from Florida (The Jacksonville Seven) went to an event at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville. That event featured war criminal Michael Hayden, formerly of the CIA and the NSA. Watch as questions that were prepared by individuals from the targeted individual community were asked in a dignified fashion to this man and watch his reactions to the questions. We had a listing of questions to ask, each with increasing difficulty for Mr. Hayden. We got to ask three of the first four questions we had.  After the event the “Jacksonville 7” handed out flyers provided by Sue Benz, which originated from this website.

This event was birthed by Eduardo Colon of THINK: Targeted Individuals and of PACTS International, and was organized by the following:

  • Brian Marks: Founder of SASN – Surveillance Abuse Survivors Network, T.I. Chronicles (Website, Facebook), and Strike Out Targeting.
  • Reginald Dawson: Lead Person of the “Jacksonville 7”, and Vice President of Awareness: SASN – Surveillance Abuse Survivors Network and Strike Out Targeting.
  • Shayla Avants: Founder of Savants Project (formerly: TI-USA)
  • Sue Benz: Florida TI Activist and Free Conference Call Moderator
  • Liza Carlile: Designer of the T-Shirts
  • Karen Melton-Stewart: Former NSA Analyst
  • Ani Kaspar: Consultant, Graphic Artist, Founder of the The Tiphereth Oracle (Facebook), and Body by Bliss

Special thanks goes to the following for allowing us to promote the event:

Members of the Jacksonville 7:

  1. Reginald Dawson
  2. Jacqueline Dupree
  3. Shayla Avants
  4. Trey Simmons
  5. Steve Lasher
  6. Glenda Taylor
  7. Amy Holem

This event will be used as a blueprint for other events in the future.

For the latest information, please check out the following sites:

Thank you Jacksonville 7 for your bravery!

One thought on “The Shot Heard Around The TI World: Gen. Hayden Exposed at UNF Event at Jacksonville

  1. This was a wonderful experience. The aura of the group was rejuvenating and motivating and I cannot wait to see everyone again! Thank you to everyone involved in making this happen! #TIRightsMovement

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