2 thoughts on “SASN Activism and Fellowship Schedule going forward

  1. I already have (3) Three Cases Pending, an Affidavit Completed, a Testimony before the International Tribunal for Natural Justice, and The Human Rights Global Coalition. I have Substantial Scientific Evidence, from Melinda Kidder, P.I., Columbia Investigations, Dr. Hildegarde Staninger, RIET-1. Integrative Health Systems, and Substantial Medical Records with Support from my Doctors, Radiologists, Hospital, etc… If you would Like Copies of any of these for SASN, I would be glad to E-Mail them to you. Real Time Accounts will probably not work for this as the Evidence is Hundreds of Pages, going over 29 Years. The T.I. Library has copies of my Affidavit, and Testimony. I will be Filing a Federal Court Case very Soon, and if you think it feasible I would Share the Scientific, and Radio Frequency Evidence with SASN for the Class Action Lawsuit. Thank You so Much for all you are doing for Me and All Targeted Individuals. God Bless All of You for your Tireless Efforts in Helping Us.

  2. Yes, victimized for 19 yrs. but glad to see Samuel’s extent of valid info to complete his desired outcome. Live in Arizona when this occurred to me. So much division with ti’s & some living on both sides of the support is definitely needed by all. Please don’t leave anyone behind. Hard to see equality for all ti’s to be accepted for many in other organization. I praise your support of those who need you. Thanks for your visibility. Bev, Az.

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