RTASA: Real Time Accounts of Surveillance Abuse: If You See Corruption, Say Corruption

On March 18, 2019, SASN launched a new Facebook group called “Real Time Accounts of Surveillance Abuse“.  There you can post up all accounts of your surveillance abuse and weaponized directed energy attacks.  We ask all who would join the group to read all the posts there as we categorize each style of attack on us.  (Update: As of April 15, 2019, we have now also launched this initiative on Twitter as well.  Twitter users are asked to also use the hashtags #RTASA, and #TIRealTimeAccounts in addition to what is in the guide.  SASN Social Members can also post their evidence here.  SASN Social Members in the group RTASA will not have to use the hashtags, but simply place in the proper terms in the tags section while they are creating their post on SASN Social.

The purpose of this group is to give real time accounts of the targeting that we receive, in order to establish the patterns that happens to us as a whole. Members of this group will not post up news articles or give general accounts.

Below is a pdf attachment that you can download in order for you to understand how to post on our group.